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Crete has numerous and unique mix of landscapes, exotic beaches, freshwater lakes, hidden caves, adventurous canyons, picturesque villages and much more places to visit and see. Due to that fact, apart from the existed packages (which will be riched in time) we offer to our clients and people who wish to enter deep in the cretan culture, a more customised option by planning and organising a tailor made private trip. 


The steps to follow are the 4 W and the 1 H:


  • Who? Sent us an email or give us a call to introduce yourself and inform us about the number of participents
  • Where? Tell us in which place in Crete you are having your vacation and where you wish to go on your day trip 
  • What? Inform us about your preferences, what you like, what you wish to see and explore.
  • When? We should know the date that suits you better in order to make your trip schedule
  • How? The transportation is an important element and you have the option to choose your transportation (upon request/different prices for bigger cars)

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information and details

special services

Our partners provide a complete range of services, including event planning, photo-shooting, vip services and yachting 

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Car rental

Sometimes you want to explore on your own! Get special rates on car-rentals through our affiliation program with Venus Travel

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